Digetec is the best Antacid in India and is marketed by Techyon Biotech

Digetec Ingridients: Dried Aluminium Hydroxide 300mg + Magnesium Hydroxide 250mg + Activated Dimethicone 40mg + Oxetacaine 10mg

Dried Aluminium Hydroxide :

a)Reacts with acid in stomach
b)Combined with Mg offers strong antacid action

Magnesium Hydroxide :

a)Promptly reacts with HCL
b)Instantly neutralises acid
c)Relieves burning in stomach

Activated Dimethicone :

a)Acts as an antiflatulent & prevents GERD
b)Offers prolonged relief

Oxetacaine :
a)Offers local anaesthetic effect
b)Relieves penetrating pain of acid attack
c)Ensures faster & enduring relief

Best Antacid to treat Heart Burn,Peptic Ulcer,Reflux Dyspepsia,Hyper acidity,Reflux Oesophagitis