TECHYON BIOTECH (P) LTD incorporated on the 15th day of December 2004, dedicated to marketing of quality products manufactured by the leading companies of Uttra khand and Himachal Pradesh. I would like to introduce our self as a quality conscious pharmaceuticals products marketing company. We are involved in the marketing of pharmaceutical Tablets, Capsules, Liquid orals and Suspension. Our marketing office is located at 38/7, Gilish Bazar Shivala Road Kanpur

We maintain the highest standard of quality; the products meet relevant pharmacopeial standards and statutory requirements. In addition the company ensures that all the steps involved in design, development and Manufacture are done by the leading companies and the product leads to the intended level of quality performance in the market. This commitment to the quality requires us to ensure that our facility is geared up to provide the right environment, our personnel are trained and quality conscious, our packaging provides the requisite security and cosmetic appeal and our products provide complete satisfaction to the DR as well as the patient who is consuming our product. And that is why over 10000+ Drs are prescribing our brands, which depicts that they have faith in our products.

Our Directors Mr Rajesh Sharma and Mrs Sarika Sharma always dedicated to the healthy life. Since establishment, our company takes “Development base on satisfaction of both Dr and the patient” as an Aim and achieved mutual trust, stable co-operation with thousands of Dr’s in three states and many more to come in future.