A Protective work place for employees, giving them the feeling of security so that they can work to their potential


We are a research and development-based pharmaceutical company whose aim is to create new pharmaceutical products with cutting-edge technology focusing on medical fields where patients have the greatest need


Consistent creation of new development compounds Expansion of market potential by adding new target indications

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A group of researchers with broad experiences and a solid record of achievements in developing medications A management team that understands the needs of global customers

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Uniflexin 300 Mg (Properietary blend of unsaponifiable fraction of Avocado Oil & Soyabean oil in 2:1)



The Most Balanced Proportion Of Essential Amino Acid

LCM Forte

LCM Forte

The Formulation to Breathe Easy

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Our company markets and distributes safe, innovative and cost effective medicines that helps to improve patients quality of life.

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A look at the percentage increase in the No of Doctors using our products to treat the patients in the last few years

2021 - 2023 : 52%

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A look at our current market position with reference to No of Products by us and No of Doctors Prescribing them.


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